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Expert On Displaced Persons & Survivor Resilience

Françoise Ouzan


Meet Françoise

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Dr. Françoise Ouzan is a renowned historian and expert in the fields of Holocaust memory, antisemitism, and American Jewry. With a PhD in History from the prestigious Sorbonne (Paris I) and an Agrégation in English and American Literature, Dr. Ouzan's academic credentials enable her to offer fresh insights into WWII.

Previously serving as an Associate Professor at the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne and an Associate Researcher at the esteemed French Research Center in Jerusalem (CRFJ/CNRS), she currently holds the distinguished position of Senior Research Associate at the Goldstein-Goren Diaspora Research Center of Tel Aviv University.

Dr. Ouzan's expertise has garnered international recognition, leading to frequent invitations by the renowned international television channel, I24 News, to share her insights on various topics related to the Holocaust, antisemitism, and American Jewry. Her extensive knowledge and research have also been showcased in esteemed publications such as the Jerusalem Report, Le Monde, and the Dictionnaire de la Shoah.

An accomplished author, Dr. Ouzan has contributed significantly to the study of displaced persons, antisemitism, and American Jewry. Her notable publications include "Ces Juifs dont l'Amérique ne voulait pas" (Complexe, 1995), "Histoire des Américains juifs, de la marge à l’influence" (André Versaille, 2008), and "De la mémoire de la Shoah dans le monde juif" (edited with Dan Michman, CNRS éditions, 2008). She has also co-edited works such as "Holocaust Survivors, Resettlement, Memories, Identities" (Berghahn Books, 2012) and "Postwar Jewish Displacement and Rebirth, 1945-1967" (Brill, 2014).

In her latest book, "How Young Holocaust Survivors Rebuilt Their Lives: France, the United States, and Israel," published by Indiana University Press in 2018, Dr. Ouzan delves into the inspiring stories of Holocaust survivors and their remarkable journey of resilience in the aftermath of one of history's darkest chapters.

A sought-after guest speaker, Dr. Françoise Ouzan has captivated audiences worldwide, sharing her expertise and insights in the United States, China, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, France, and Israel. With her profound knowledge, engaging speaking style, and dedication to preserving the memory of the Holocaust, she continues to make a lasting impact in academia and beyond.

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