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 Françoise Presents

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Françoise is interviewed on I24 news on Feb 1, 2023.

Thanks to I24News for inviting me to talk about Réussir pour revivre, a book that stands out from a purely victimized perspective. #Memorial of the victims of the #Shoah #weremember

Merci à I24News de m'avoir invitée à parler de Réussir pour revivre, livre qui se détache d'une perspective uniquement victimaire. #Mémoire des victimes de la#Shoah


Françoise is interviewed by LILMOD, April 16th, 2023. 

Literary Discoveries By LILMOD- Dr. Françoise Ouzan: Succeeding to Relive #SHOAH - 04.16.23

Les découvertes Littéraires By LILMOD- Dr. Françoise Ouzan :Réussir pour Revivre #SHOAH - 16.04.23


Patriotism, Combat, and Jewish Identity - Session 2  July 13, 2022

The Experience of Jewish Soldiers in the Two World Wars - Online Symposium

Second Session: War Experiences and Jewish Identity (1939-1945) Chair: Derek J. Penslar Galit Haddad The French-Jewish POW Experience under German Captivity (1940-1945) Françoise (Simcha) Ouzan Homesickness and Belonging: Jewish GIs during World War II


Patriotism, Combat, and Jewish Identity - Session 3  July 13, 2022

The Experience of Jewish Soldiers in the Two World Wars - Online Symposium


Third Session: Testimonies and Literature: Expressions of Jewishness (1939-1945) Chair: Françoise (Simcha) Ouzan David Geffen Bundles of Letters from American Servicemen in the European Theatre Francine Kaufmann Testimony on Some French Jewish Soldiers during the Second World War.


Jewish Soldiers in World War II conference - Personal Stories  Dec 9, 2014

Chair: Zvi Kan-Tor, The Museum of the Jewish Soldier in World War II, Latrun Peter Usher, Retired Geographer, Independent Scholar, Canada Honour and Survival: A Canadian Jewish Airman in World War II Lea Prais, Yad Vashem International Institute for Holocaust Studies Children and Youth at the Jewish Family Camps in the Forests of Western Belorussia Benny Michelsohn, The Museum of the Jewish Soldier in World War II, Latrun Commandant Victor Mirkin – Hero of the French Army


Jewish Soldiers in World War II conference - The Middle East Arena  Dec 10, 2014

Chair: Françoise S. Ouzan, Tel Aviv University Haim Saadoun, The Open University of Israel; The Documentation Center of North African Jewry during WWII, The Ben-Zvi Institute The Encounter between Jewish Soldiers and Jewish North African Communities Anat Granit Hacohen, Independent Scholar, Tel Aviv Hebrew Women Join (the) Forces: Jewish Women from Palestine in the British Forces during World War II.


The pro-Israel lobby in the United States and its influence on American politics

 Le lobby pro-israélien aux États-Unis (AIPAC) : simple lobby légal -- comme il en existe de nombreux aux USA -- avec une influence limitée ou véritable puissance capable de manipuler la politique américaine ? Écoutez la position de Françoise Ouzan, auteur d'une "Histoire des américains juifs" aux éditions André Versaille. Pour plus d'information sur ce livre et le sujet traité, rendez-vous sur le site

Françoise writes about the displaced & the survivor

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